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    About Period Audit

Period Independent Auditing and Consulting adds value to the activities of companies by aiming to provide meticulous, transparent and reliable service to its customers with its professional team.

With our professional approach, commitment to ethical principles, high sense of responsibility, and result-oriented work, we are committed to effective services in the field of reporting, beneficial and guiding in the field of consulting, and transparently and reliably demonstrating whether the financial statements are realistic in the field of audit.


Period Independent Audit and Consulting Inc. has been authorized by the Public Oversight Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority (KGK) as an "Independent Audit Firm" and is authorized to perform "Independent Audit Including PIE". In this context, we provide services for the preparation of independent audit reports by conducting independent audit studies, which are mandatory to be prepared by our customers.

Period Independent Auditing and Consultancy Inc. aims to provide a secure service to its financial statement readers in a transparent and reliable manner, together with our expert team of financial statements. By closely following the changing world, we use the technology at the highest level and comply with the renewed reporting standards, and we offer meticulous and careful work by establishing close relationships with our customers.

The main purpose of reporting is to bring the accounting infrastructure and accounting system to a position convenient for reporting. For this purpose, we help to establish additional systems and manage the reporting in the most efficient and time-saving manner by shaping the financial system and accounting infrastructure together. At this point, we aim to increase efficiency in terms of installing and implementing the right systems.

With an expert and professional team, we strive to identify problems in advance by providing internal control and internal audit services and risk management assurance, and to be always on the safe side in changing market conditions.

Changes in economic and financial conditions gradually increase the needs of company management for their special areas of expertise.


Period Ankara Office

Ehlibeyt Quarter Tekstilciler Street No:16/9 Çankaya/Ankara/Turkey

0312 441 39 00


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